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Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs

A novel by award-winning author and Liberty University founder, Dr. Elmer Towns


Grandpa Pitched for the Cubs

A young high-school pitcher named Noel Remle dreamed of pitching baseball professionally. When he finally achieved this goal and pitches at Wrigley Fields, he became an instant star. Noel’s dreams are endangered when he accidentally kills an attempted rapist in a dark Chicago back-alley. The story revolves around Noel and Night –Train Hatch, a dogged police inspector, and their connection to one another as they struggle with their own confidence and obsessions. Mysteries and plot-twists abound in this novel, and any reader is sure to be asking questions all the way to the end.







The Man From Muscle Shoals

The autobiography of Rick Hall, the most successful music producer in U.S. history



This is the story of legendary record producer Rick Hall and his historic role in the development of the world-famous “Muscle Shoals sound.” Rick Hall made music history when he founded FAME Recording Studios, which was the first professional recording studio not only in Muscle Shoals, but in the entire state of Alabama. After producing and engineering the area’s first national hit on Arthur Alexander’s Southern Soul classic “You Better Move On,” Rick went on to earn international fame and acclaim and eventually a Grammy for a lifetime of achievements in the music industry.

Music fans, history buffs and others will be delighted to read the fascinating tales of just how Rick Hall managed to launch the music careers of so many famous artists. Along with the book, readers will enjoy the attached DVD, the award-winning documentary, Muscle Shoals, which recounts the fascinating history of the studio and its founder.

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The Prince is Born

The first book of the Adventures of Ru-lan series



Shortly after his miraculous birth, made possible with help from the phoenix, prince Ru-lan is captured by Su-ling, the evil enchantress, who plans to raise Ru-lan and use him to take over the kingdom. Several years later, the phoenix reminds the little boy of his real identity, and he escapes from Su-ling’s cottage with the help of his animal friends. Once their son is firmly ensconced in the palace, the emperor and empress undertake a daring plot to forever rid the kingdom of the threat of the evil enchantress.

This book subtly teaches values, while introducing the reader to interesting aspects of Chinese culture and language.