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Serendipity Children’s Books…They are Back!

Flutterby Book CoverSerendipity Leo The Lop The Serendipity Children’s Book Series, written by award-winning author Stephen Cosgrove, are back with a reprint of the first 8 titles, Buttermilk, Sniffles, Morgan and Me, Muffin Dragon, Leo the Lop, Flutterby, Fancy, and Creole. The beloved Serendipity Children’s Books have returned to their rightful place as a mainstay of children’s entertainment and enlightenment. Illustrated by Robin James, these magical stories embrace fanciful characters that will delight readers of all ages. Eight additional titles to be released in Spring 2014.

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Rick Hall

The Man from Muscle Shoals, His Journey from Shame to Fame is a thrilling read that tells the story of Rick Hall’s life growing up in extreme poverty to building one of the most famous recording studios in history. Rick Hall is the world’s number one music producer of pop, rock and country. Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama is the oldest continuous operating studio in the world under the same owner.

You will be fascinated by the sheer list of artists who have walked through the doors of Fame Studios, and under the tutorship of Rick Hall, went on to become super stars in their respective fields of music. This is the story of that journey from the hollows surrounding Muscle Shoals, being abandoned by his mother at four years old, and the drive to become the most productive music producer in history. The book contains Muscle Shoals the number one documentary of 2013 and the story of Rick Hall’s 2014 Grammy for Lifetime Achievement as a bonus.